Manage Pipelines, Not Tickets

The right pipeline management solution gives you the power to save time and effort on complex, repetitive processes. Sign up now to be the first to know when our powerful, automated workflow tracking tool is available. 

Intertec's new solutionTubularoffers a full overview of complex projects in order to help reduce disruptions, cut down on rework, and ultimately speed up delivery. How does it do this? 

  • Pipeline views offer visualizations of entire processes, not just tickets.
  • Repeatable templates help you cut down on administrivia while distilling complex processes to actionable steps. 
  • SLA tracking helps you compare your progress against a ticking clock. 
  • Automation empowers processes to automatically trigger new processes and pipelines as needed.
  • Easy integration with task and workflow management tools lets you to enhance your existing workflows--not just scrap them. 
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