Manage Pipelines, Not Tickets

To keep large, complex projects on track, you need to visualize the status of each component process without digging through hundreds of individual tickets. Most ticket and task management tools aren't built for that—but our new tool is. Sign up now to be the first to know when it's available.

Intertec's new solutionTubularoffers a full overview of large projects like cloud migrations and software refactorings, in order to help reduce disruptions, cut down on rework, and ultimately speed up delivery. How does it do this? 

  • Pipeline views offer visualizations of entire processes, not just individual tickets.
  • Repeatable templates help you cut down on administrivia while distilling complex workflows to actionable steps. 
  • SLA tracking helps you compare your progress against a ticking clock. 
  • Automation empowers you to automatically trigger new processes and pipelines as needed.
  • Easy integration with task and ticket management tools mean that Tubular doesn't replace existing workflows—it enhances them
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